Looking at Homes

When you are viewing homes, it is very possible that you may be overwhelmed by the end of the day. How to keep all of the information straight so that you can easily review and remember each home? A Buyer’s Home Viewing Report Card can help. The Report Card will contain the following elements:

 Address: ________________________________

Date Seen: _________ Listing Price: ___________

Price seemed: (circle one)

Just Right

Too High

Too Low

If interested, I/we would offer: _______________

Best features:

Any negatives:

Potential solutions to negatives:

Overall rating:

A+ In excellent condition / meets all of our needs

B Above average condition / could work for us

C Average condition / has what we want, but . . .

D Below average condition / no . . .

F No way! Will not work for us, regardless!


Printer Friendly Version (pdf) – Home Viewing Report Card