Olympic Swimming in Charlotte

SwimMac – Center of Excellence

SwimMac was formed in 1977 and has experienced nothing but an upward climb in the ranks of USA Swimming over the years.  Currently more than 2,500 swimmers take part in one of SwimMac´s varied programs.  From swim lessons for beginners to the year-round competitive team, to the masters program, SwimMac has continued to find success in filling the needs of the swimming community in the greater Charlotte area.

carly swimIn 2006, SwimMac, with the support of both USA Swimming and the US Olympic Committee, was selected to become the country´s first Center of Excellence.  This bold move will serve to benefit not only SwimMac swimming programs and athletes, but the entire Charlotte area, as one more Nationally ranked training program is focused in Charlotte, NC (USA Canoe and Kayak has designated the US National Whitewater Center, also located in Charlotte, as it´s home).

World class US swimmers now have a central place to train with a coach (David Marsh, former head swimming coach at Auburn University) dedicated solely to their goals and aspirations.   SwimMac´s mission statement, “Empowering Young People To Be Champions In Life Through Excellence In Swimming” will now take on even more significance, as current and future Olympian swimmers begin training at the SwimMac facilities.

MAC programs include:

Year round competitive team - The largest of SwimMac´s programs, the competitive team experience is open to children of all ages and abilities.  Practice groups are broken down by several factors, including, but not limited to, age, ability, and dedication.  Practices and training are geared toward the ages and competitiveness of each group, with the more advanced levels including dry-land and two-a-day practices.

Homeschool Swimming – For homeschooled students ages 5-18. The homeschool program offers three levels of classes designed for homeschoolers and the classes are all held at the same time.

Masters Swimming – Masters is a program for adult swimmers of all levels.  Masters swimmers range from competitive swimmers, to fitness buffs, to triathletes.

SwimAmerica Swim Lessons – This learn to swim program concentrates on proper stroke technique that will allow swimmers to become excellent competitive swimmers, or have a solid foundation for recreational swimming.

Teen Fit – A variety of classes for teens aged 12-18 teaching fitness through the use of Aqua-Aerobics, weight training, and balance.

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